Your Guide to bringing more people to eating school lunch!!



January 20th, 2016- My Experience
In many public schools in America, school lunches are pretty disgusting. For me I have experienced good school lunch and bad school lunch. When I was in preschool, and kindergarten, I went to a private school. The food was pretty good. As I started going to public school in 1st grade, there was definitely a major difference in the quality of food. In public school it was not apart of county school system, so in that case the lunch staff would prepare food any kind of style. In public schools all food is the same way. In Fulton County, the school lunches serve the same type of food, but cook it differently. I went to River Eves Elementary, and the food barely had no taste. At Holcomb Bridge, the food was good, but that is when it had a la carte.  Which consisted of chicken tenders, fries, personal pizza, burgers, and all that junk. That food was where most students like me would by their lunches, but really not healthy. However, the traditional lunch was good because they put effort in making the food. At Centennial the food is alright, but the staff serves the same food each day such as pizza, chicken sandwiches, nachos, teriyaki rice, sandwiches, and Hamburgers. So I started bringing my lunch daily. So to put all this in perspective, I would like to start a way to change school lunch.
bad school lunch pray 4 dis school
January 27th, 2016- Focusing on Quality and Quantity
One of the reasons why I believe school lunches in America, taste bad is because the staff is making sure that enough food is being cooked for students and staff. When I was in Elementary School, the food really wasn’t appealing. One day cake was being served and it looked like someone chewed it and then spit it out. Other times the lunch staff would give students pizza where the pizza cheese was uncooked.
February 3rd, 2016- Being inspired
One way to improving school lunches, it’s also seeing what other schools, either throughout the United States and foreign countries serve up. Down below, are examples of foreign school lunches.
Pizza-snack-reviewgood school lunch 20 time scenna
February 9th, 2016- Having samples
Have you ever eaten at a food court. If so, you probably have probably grabbed a sample of food to try. Whenever a new food is prepared we could either have one of the lunch staff or possibly get a few students or some CBI students to hold a tray with little samples.


food sample 20time
February 17th, 2016
Even though our school tries their best to properly nourish us, sometimes they do not give us the entire plate. For example, they might just give us chicken and a bread stick, but not giving us mash potatoes and salad to go along with it. This way wouldn’t make us as hungry after lunch. And we will be eating in a healthier way.


FEB 24TH, 2016-
One flaw our school lunch has is not alot of condiments, you can only have choose from ketchup, mayo, and ranch. Having honey mustard, Italian, or balsamic dressings, will be nice options for people who don’t want ranch. Otherwise, people will have to eat a dry salad.



March 2nd, 2016- Last week-
Last week at my school, the cafeteria made a black history soul food inspired lunch. The food was amazing. In fact, this is the first time I’ve eaten school lunch this year. The food consisted of fried chicken, black eyed peas, macaroni n cheese, salad, and cornbread. They gave us enough food, it looked gorgeous, and it also was delicious. In the lunch line, I noticed many students who rarely eat school lunch in these lines. Our school lunch staff, hopefully should have take note of that and start making more foods like that.
black food
March 16th, 2016- Not having the same food every day-
One of the biggest things that I cant stand about the lunch at my school, is the fact that, they’re serving the same kinds of food each day. At my school it’s always pizza, nachos, and chicken each day. I understand that’s probably the most convenient to make, but maybe switching it to pizza every two days a week. And create other foods on the other days.
Pepperoni_Lovers_Pizzasubway sandwichgerardo nhachso
March 23rd 2016- Foods to get rid of
Just a small tip of advice is to get rid of food that no one cares about or seems to be junk. Money can be used to find new foods to try.



March 30, 2016- Having more lunch lines
Another reason for not eating school lunch is the fact that the lines, are way to long, now I understand that there isn’t much space to have six different lines, but that doesn’t mean different ways to serve lunch. At my middle school, in addition to the two lines offered there was a grab and go line, which provided bagged up breakfast. The line moved super fast because everything was in the bag, such as chips, fruit, the entree, the milk, and others. I noticed that when my school started doing this, that attracted students who normally brought their food to school.
feed my kids boo

April 6th, 2016- School Garden

The biggest concern about school lunch these days is making sure its healthy. Most foods are processed and most foods aren’t that fresh. Having a school garden, could make foods even healthier.

Digging The Vegetable Garden

Birds eye view of a woman gardener weeding an organic vegetable garden with a hand fork.


April 13th, 2016- Showing what food is being served
One thing that most schools do not have, is lines serving different foods. The cafeteria at my school has four cafeteria lines, and there set up by food categories. One line is the sandwich line, the other line serves pizza and chicken, the other line being nachos and Asian food. This way, students and teachers would have a feel for what kinds of food is being served.

20 time foreverlunch lady jaquliene


I hope that this blog has helped with any concerns or questions about school lunch issues. For anymore questions feel free to hit the about button and email me for more information.